CSA Q2 NEWS - Commissioning Specialist Associaltion

Q2 Update is a positive one for the GCC CSA. With Covid restrictions gradually lifting, life in the region is returning to some level of normality, however what lockdown has demonstrated is people’s positive attitude toward self-education. Evidence of this has been, and continues to be, in the form of a significant increase in CSA applicants who have entered onto our educational programme(s). As a result, our Membership Review Team have been busy for the benefit of our members and the industry.

Other committee members of our Raising Awareness focus group have written a three-part series on Commissioning that has been published by CPI’s Climate Control Magazine; March, April and May 2021 (see attached) and have other media presentations lined up throughout the rest of the year. Again, the result of this has had a positive response, both in terms of education and industry but also demonstrates all committee member’s dedication to the CSA.

Work also continues on the development of commissioning standards producing detailed specifications that will be workshopped with the industries leading MEP consultants. Our objective is to include these within contract specifications, again raising the bar for the region.

Our Chairman is in regular dialogue with our UK partners discussing the big picture objectives, moreover with the imminent announcement of the UK’s new CSA Chairman and the confirmed CSA awards dinner revised date as the 11th of November, the UK is hopefully returning to business as usual.

Finally, we wish everyone the best of luck in their results for the recent Grade 4 exam held on the 8th of May, and look forward to more applicants for the next one scheduled for the 16th of October 2021.

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