Neil Burdess – New CSA UK Chairman! - Commissioning Specialist Associaltion

On behalf of GCC CSA Committee, I would like to extend our congratulations to Neil Burdess of Banyards UK, who will become the new Chairman of the UK’s Commissioning Specialists Association (CSA). Neil will succeed retiring chairman Mark Todd at the Commissioning Specialists Association’s AGM on 11th November.

Commenting on his appointment, our GCC Chairman, Lee Hewitt said:

“As a long-term friend and ex work colleague, I am delighted that Neil will be taking over the role as chairman for the next chapter. Neil and I have long history of working together which continues to this day for the betterment of the CSA, its members and the industry. I am confident Neil will provide a solid platform to ensure continuous improvement, and I am looking forward to working closely together as we move forward to ensure global standards are attained”

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